We specialise in catering excellent morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch shouts/events. Prices below are for smaller items ideal for platters.  Our customers regularly order two or three items per person for a morning or afternoon tea. Please call or e-mail to discuss your preferences.  All below items can be ordered as full/regular sized lunch items.

10% discount on all orders over $75


Savouries/mini pies.

Our most popular catering item.  Choose from Mince. Mince and Cheese. Mince Chilli and Cheese. Potato Top. Chicken and Mushroom. Sausage Rolls.

$4 each

Sandwich Finger

e. g. Ham Salad. Chicken Salad. Roast Pork Salad. Roast Beef  Salad. Swiss Cheese Salad.

$2.50 per finger


Choose from spinach and feta, ham and tomato or mushroom chilli and cheese. Can be served hot or cold

$2.50  per quarter piece..

Filo Pastry Cigar (Dairy free/Vegan).

Chickpea and Vegetable Korma Curry.


Cauliflower Cheese Tart (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)



e. g. Greek Salad with feta and basil pesto, Roast vegetable with hilli and citrus dressing, Asian style coleslaw with roasted peanut, Baby potato with bacon and mustard aioli dressing. Indian spiced roast cauliflower with chick pea and toasted cashew.

$30 per kilo

$7.50 per portion (250gm)

Fruit Platter.

$5 per person.

Sweet Slice.  Favourites from our sweet cabinet such as deluxe chocolate caramel, strawberry and white chocolate, ginger crunch, magic slice, rocky road and dark chocolate cherry brownie etc

$2.50 per piece

Cheese Scones.

$4.50 each $2.50 mini

Fruit Muffin. 

Blueberry and lemon. Raspberry and white chocolate.

$4.90 each  $2.30 mini






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